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Florida Panhandle Saddle Club


Exhibition tickets will be sold when participants are signing up for an event. Someone will be collecting tickets at the alley. It is the rider's responsibility to turn in the ticket and ride in the correct order as instructed by the one taking  up the tickets. Barrel exhibitions are cut off 10 minutes prior to the class starting so we may drag and start the show on time.





  1. Place: At the Skeet Davis Arena in Blountstown, Florida on the first Saturday, with adequate facilities, such as:
    1. Electric Timers
    2. Water Supply
    3. Lighted Arena


  1. In the event of adverse weather conditions causing cancellation of the entire show it will not be made up. Although if three events are ran the points will constitute a show.


  1. There will be absolutely no alcoholic beverages.


  1. When signing up for the events you wish to ride in, the fees must be paid at that time. No tabs will be run.


  1. No refunds will be made unless rider is sick, or horse is sick or lame.


  1. After riding in the arena it must be dragged.


  1. When the first rider enters the gate, no one will be able to enter that event. The events are Pole Bending, Cloverleaf, Texas Barrels, Hairpin and Exhibition. Barrel exhibitions can be purchased until 10 minutes before the show starts. Jackpot entries will be taken until the first horse enters and runs that event.


  1. A contestant’s name will be called no more than 3 times to enter the arena; failure to do so will result in disqualification.


  1. No re-ride will be given for horse, rider, or tack error.


  1. If timers malfunction, the rider gets one re-ride immediately, or at the end of the class at the rider’s discretion.


  1. Any unsportsmanlike-like conduct in or around the grounds of the arena by a contestant or non-contestant may be given a verbal reprimand or may be barred from the club.


  1. Pointed divisions and ages are as follows:


    1. Pony under 13.2 hands           12 and under
    2. Peewee                                    12 and under
    3. Youth                                      13 – 17
    4. Adult                                       18 and over


  1. Points are tallied the way you place: 6pts for 1st, 5 pts for 2nd, 4 pts for 3rd, 3 pts for 4th, 2 pts for 5th, and 1 pt for 6th place.


  1. Riders must ride in at least four shows and three events per show to be eligible for year-end awards.


  1. Horses can only be ridden once per event except in the pony and peewee divisions.


  1. Points are awarded to the horse and rider. A different horse can be ridden each show but must be declared at the beginning of the show.


  1. A rider can ride as many horses as they wish and receive money payback, however, points can only be counted on one horse and this must be determined at the beginning of the show or the rider will not receive any points.


  1. Dimensions of the patterns are:


    1. Poles – 21 ft from the timer line and 21 ft in between poles
    2. Cloverleaf – distance from timers (actual timer markers) to the 1st and 2nd barrel is 64 feet. From 1st barrel to 2nd barrel is 92 feet, 1st and 2nd barrels are 29 feet off of the fence, distance between 1st and 2nd barrel to the 3rd barrel is 94 feet and 3rd barrel is 38 feet off of the back fence.
    3. Texas Barrels – 1st barrel is 21 feet from timer line, 50 feet to the 2nd barrel and 50 feet between 2nd and 3rd barrel.
    4. Hairpin – The hairpin marker is the same marker as the 5th pole (105 feet from the timer line).


  1. No pattern warm-ups.


  1. Membership dues are $30.00 for a family and $20 for single. Family memberships consist of immediate family under the age of 18, or children can ride under the grandparent’s membership.


  1. Should a problem arise, the board of directors (which includes officers) will vote and majority rules.


  1. Disqualifications and Penalties:


    1. Knocking over a pole or barrel is a 5 second penalty. This will result in a no-time in the jackpot.
    2. Running pattern wrong way results in disqualification.
    3. Jumping a barrier results in disqualification.
    4. Ties will be run off unless riders decide to flip a coin. In the case of year-end awards those must be a run-off. All of the events will be put is a hat and one event will be drawn out ant that is the event that will be the tiebreaker.
    5. If the rider dismounts the horse, that is a disqualification.



  1. There must be 3 or more riders in a class to have money paid back. In the event there are not enough riders in a class, the riders will move up to the next class, however, their points will be awarded on how they would have placed before they were moved to the next class.


  1. For the 2010 season, points for members will be kept for the jackpot following the NBHA guidelines. Buckles for each of the division winners will be awarded at the end of the year.


  1. Riders who are lead or assisted through the patterns will not be eligible for year end awards, but will be given a participation award for each event entered at each show and members who enter in at least 3 events in at least 4 shows will be eligible for a year end participation award. 


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